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I live in northern Colorado and enjoy spending time in the natural areas of the state. It is amazing the amount and variety of really beautiful areas to visit in northern Colorado (and southern Wyoming) that don’t require a lot of travel time.

The primary purpose of this site is to allow my children and others to see what “gems” of natural areas are available in the Colorado/Wyoming area. I do want people to enjoy my photos, but I really want them to go out and enjoy the natural areas and take their own photos. Just remember to tread lightly, please.

Note that my actual photo galleries are located at a Smugmug site found here at The overview of the hike is more complete, generally, here at this site, while the details for each photo are located at the Smugmug site.

Occasionally I get to travel outside of Colorado and Wyoming. So, I will be documenting travels to other trails and places in the surrounding states such as Montana, Idaho, and Utah. And, when possible, beyond the Rocky Mountains.

From time to time I will post some galleries that are not strictly about hiking and/or enjoying the rivers and lakes. As an example, I occasionally go to “star parties” where amateur astronomers gather to gaze at stars, planets, galaxies, and other sky objects with each other.

So many trails, so little time.

– Geoff Weatherford

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  1. beckie permalink
    February 10, 2008 1:21 am

    Geoff, I am a student taking a history of photography class at Portland State University doing research on a 1871 photo by E.O. Beaman. Beaman traveled with the US Geological Survey in 1871-2 and took a photo published in our text entitled “The Heart of Lodore, Green River, Colorado.”

    On your website, in the Gates of Lodore,I found a photo which matches the skyline of Beaman’s photo. Thanks for a well-done site that is easy to negotiate.


  2. Joe Mills permalink
    February 11, 2008 10:03 pm

    Dear Geoff,
    Thank you for putting such a splendid site together with all the info and photos of your travels.
    Joe Mills

  3. February 13, 2008 5:05 am


    Nice to know I was following in some famous steps : ) Actually, “Beaman” sounds pretty familiar. Anyway, you should try and visit the area yourself if you get the chance.
    Thanks for visiting.

    Thanks for the kind words. I do this site so that I can get others excited about traveling to some very beautiful areas in the US. Hope you can visit some of the places some time.
    Thanks for visiting.


  4. Carrie permalink
    November 7, 2008 8:02 pm

    Geoff, I just wanted to say what a great site you’ve put together here and how much enjoyment I’ve gotten out of reading your blogs and looking through your pictures. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting many of the places you’ve discussed in southern Wyoming, and it’s been a lot of fun to look through your pictures and say “Oh yeah, I remember that!” Since I’ll hopefully be moving to southern WY myself, I’ll be sure to continue checking your blog for other hikes I ought to try. Cheers!

  5. November 8, 2008 11:13 pm


    Check in anytime. I did not get up to Wyoming as much as I wanted this year, but plan to hit it heavy next summer (09).
    I will be making at least one Wyoming post about a hike I took in the Snowy Mountains. Awesome place. Can’t say exactly when I will be doing the post, but sometime before next spring (I’ve got a lot of hikes to post : )

    Geoff Weatherford

  6. Nathanael permalink
    August 19, 2009 7:37 pm

    I was hoping you could talk a little bit about the camera you use. I’ve got a non-crappy camera (ok ok, 400 bucks), but I can’t really get the kind of scenery shots you take!

    Your Wyoming pictures and blogs tug at my heartstrings. I’ve been camping in Medicine Bow National Forest for 30 years now (ever since I was a little wee one) and it’s my favorite place on earth.

    Thanks for the pictures

    • August 22, 2009 11:39 pm


      Up until June of 2009, I’ve been using a Olympus super zoom (C 770). So, pretty much all the photos I’ve put up have been taken with that particular camera. It’s a 4 mp camera that has about a 10x zoom range (starting at around 36mm). So, cost me around $350. So, nothing really great, but I do make sure and keep it steady. I also know enough about the settings to not use the automatic mode. I vary the shutter speed and f stop based on the effect I want (well, in theory : ). I also have it locked down at 64 ISO because it really isn’t very good at anything higher than that.

      All that said, I try and shoot a lot of photos (hundreds on a hike) at various settings and angles. Out all those photos, I end up with a few that look ok : ) No one ever sees the hundreds of photos that looked like crap : )

      Of course, that’s the great thing about digital. You can take hundreds of photos and it doesn’t cost you anything. So, it’s really cheap to learn. Just shoot lots of photos using different settings and eventually you find out what works and when to do it.

      Anyway, having the zoom helps, keeping my camera steady helps (I sit down to take photos a LOT), knowing a little about shutter speed, etc. can also benefit you. And, learn how to use a cheap (or, even free) photo editing program. It can make a big difference in making an OK photo look a lot better. So, I don’t mean that you are trying to make the photo look better than reality, but the camera can only make educated guesses on lighthing, contrast, white balance, and sharpness. You can normally get a photo to look more like the real thing by doing some work on it in a cheap (or free) photo editing program (I use a very old version of Photoshop Elements 3).

      All the above said, I purchased a very nice (for a very cheap price because it was taken out of production 3 years ago) Digital SLR at the beginning of this summer ($600 for a new Nikon D200; what a steal : ). Why? Because it is:
      1. A DSLR, which means I can take high ISO photos at usable speeds (so, an elk walking at dusk).
      2. It focuses almost instantly. My Olympus makes me wait a few seconds (and sometimes doesn’t focus at all).
      3. It turns on instantly. My Olympus takes 3-4 seconds to turn on from “sleeping”. Gets to be real annoying : )
      4. It has more megapixels (10 to be exact). Which means I can (if I ever want to) make a poster of one of my photos.
      5. I can put “faster” lenses (they can even be fairly cheap) on the camera which allow me to take photos in places where it is just too dark for the Olympus.

      The negatives:
      1. It is a LOT bigger and heavier. I bought a special harness just to carry it on my hikes.
      2. You have to buy additional lenses for longer reach or for macro (my Olympus had both that built in). So, more money.
      3. It won’t do movies (it was really nice to be able to do that with my Olympus). Actually, some of the newer DSLRs will take movies. But they cost more than I wanted to spend.
      4. Did I mention its a lot bigger and heavier?

      Hope some of that made sense. I’m still really in a learning mode. There are a lot of good forums that I learn a lot from (you can ask questions and people will answer) at www. Might want to check that out.

      Thanks for visiting.

      – Geoff Weatherford

  7. July 14, 2010 5:40 pm


    Thanks for the wonderful site/resource/pictures. I came across your site while researching a trip we were making to Rocky Mountain National Forest to do the Lumpy Ridge Loop. I really enjoyed your info and pictures of the trip, and felt well prepared for our trip.

    Me and my wife also run a blog and would love if you check it out at

    We just moved to Colorado and had a similar idea of posting our adventures and photos.

    Again thanks for the site, and I hope it is alright to link to your site from mine!

    • July 20, 2010 2:24 am


      Left a comment at your site : )

      Very well done and I’m just a mite jealous : )

      Thanks and keep up the great work.

      Geoff Weatherford

  8. April 3, 2012 11:04 am

    Great website. I lived in Fort Collins for a few years while going to CSU and visited quite a few of the same places. It would have been nice to know of your site when we lived there. Keep it up!

    • April 5, 2012 7:10 pm


      Yep, Fort Collins is a great place. But it’s not the only great place : )

      Hope you’re enjoying where ever it is you ended up at.

      Thanks for stopping by and visiting.


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